Kellogg Video Essay Questions

Most Kellogg applicants I know are intimidated and stressed out by the Video Essay component of the application that has been in play since 2013. This year, there are some changes in the video essay section as compared to last year.

1. The applicant is expected to answer 2 questions – 1 behavioural (ice-breaker) question and 1 Kellogg-specific question.

2. Less time to prepare: Last year, applicants had 1 minute to formulate an answer to the question that was asked. This year, we get 20 seconds.

3. No option to redo the essay: Once you record an answer to your video essay question, that’s it. Irrespective of it went, there is just that one chance to record your answer.

Video Essay Questions List

I have listed real video essay questions that applicants have encountered in the 2014-2015 admissions cycle.

Behavioural Questions

What is the best piece of advice you have ever gotten?

What is your favorite TV show?

Tell us about your first job.

If you could teach any course, what would it be?

What is the one thing you have always wanted to try?

When did you realize you were good at your job?

What interesting or fun fact would you want your future Kellogg classmates to know about you?

[I found this blog by Piyush Jain immensely helpful while preparing for the behavioural question section – he’s listed out a ton of questions from last year as well.]

Kellogg-specific questions

Why are you applying to Kellogg?

What do you anticipate will be your contribution to the Kellogg community?

What makes you a great fit for Kellogg?

What is your favourite club at Kellogg?

Advice for applicants attempting the Video Essay section: Be yourself. Do not try and give scripted responses to the questions that are asked. It is good to be prepared so that you know what you want to talk about in the answer to each question listed above – so make sure you introspect to really know yourself. But apart from that, just be casual and confident. The adcom is not looking at the strength of your vocabulary or your oratory skills – they just want to know that you can speak in a clear, concise manner and that you can articulate your thoughts and communicate them to your classmates effectively.

It’s okay to be nervous, but remember that this is just one part of the application. It is an important part, as you get to show the admissions committee a side of you that they don’t get to see on paper. But it is just one piece of the puzzle, so relax and give it your best shot.

All the Best, and let me know how your video essays went!


Kellogg – DONE!

I wish I could say I nailed it, but I’m a little underwhelmed by my answers to the written essay prompts and I know that I fumbled on my Video essays. I was SO in love with the Kellogg MMM program, but I’m not hopeful about my chances right now. *sigh* I do hope I’m called to interview so that I can show the Kellogg adcom I’m not a bumbling idiot and am capable of forming coherent thoughts and articulating them. Oh well. We’ll just have to wait and watch.

I was really nervous for my video essay! I actually spent 2-3 days prepping for the video essay – I found as many last year’s questions as I could and wrote a few bullet points for what I would say to each question. I was feeling pretty good until I clicked through to start the real video essay process and heard my first question (What is the best advice you’ve ever gotten?) – I just panicked and my brain froze for a few seconds.I remembered what instance I wanted to talk about, but thought “Kellogg couldn’t possibly want to hear me talk about something so trivial” and I ended up stammering a little when the timer and recording started. The second question was “What do you anticipate will be your contribution to the Kellogg community?” I hadn’t really thought of this before – I ended up having too much to say, though I’m sure I must have sounded lovestruck when talking about how I can contribute to a few clubs on campus. All in all, I wasn’t feeling too good by the end of the 3 minutes it took to complete the video essay section.

I’ll do a follow up post with all the past and present Kellogg video essay questions that I know of, as well as some potential questions you should prepare for. I hope it helps a few people who are planning to turn in their R2 apps.

Next on the list are Tepper and Ross. I was really hoping to turn in both applications for R1, but I’m not sure I can get Ross done on time. I’m putting the final touches on my Tepper essays, but it’s festive season and I’m out of town right now celebrating Dusshera, a popular Indian festival during which we all enjoy setting fire to the effigy of a 10-headed guy. Here’s a glimpse of what’s going to happen:


And on that note, I’m signing off to resume working on my Tepper app. Good luck to all those still working on their R1 applications!