Preparing for Kellogg

I haven’t done many blogs lately since I’ve been busy preparing for Kellogg. I thought I should give you guys a quick update on what’s been happening the last few weeks. There is just so much to do! But sometimes, like now, there’s a lull – I feel like I should be doing something productive, but instead I just laze around catching up on TV shows I love and spending time with family. 😀

These are a few things I’ve checked off my list:

  • Financing my MBA (Apply for a loan & get personal finances in order)
  • i20 application
  • Visa Application
  • Visa Interview: Had my interview on 27-Apr-2015 and got a mail that my visa has been issued on 29-Apr-2015. Yaaayyy! I plan to do a post on Applying for a US Visa for international students.
  • Health Insurance & Health forms: Healthcare in the US is expensive. 😦

What I still have to do:

  • Find an apartment: Since I’m moving to Evanston in the Summer quarter instead of fall, I’m having a hard time finding good deals. I’ll do a follow-up post on how to find housing just as soon as I sign a lease.
  • Tutorials in Microsoft Office, Photoshop and Basic Accounting Principles
  • Complete 2 mandatory pre-enrollment online courses set by Kellogg: I haven’t done this so far because the courses are not up on the website yet!
  • New technology: I’m thinking of buying a new phone/laptop but I might just do this once I get to Evanston.

It helps that Kellogg has a handy To Do list on the Welcome site for admitted students. I’ve just been checking things off one by one from that list.

But I’ve come across some incredibly helpful blogs online, these are some:

108 Tips for new MBA Students (by Matthew Kuo – UCLA Anderson)

A letter to an incoming MBA Student (by Rohan Rajiv – Kellogg Class of 2016)


Decisions, Decisions


It’s been a while since I’ve received offers of admission to the 3 schools that I applied to. I’ve had a lot of time to consider which school I want to attend this year, and it was really tough choosing between schools that I was excited about while applying. But it’s a good place to be in and after a lot of thought (and a lot of “What if”s and back-and-forth) I’ve finally made my decision. But I don’t think I’m ready to share it with the world yet.

These are some things I considered while making my decision:

  • Brand Value of the school
  • Kellogg’s MMM program vs regular MBA
  • Scholarship money & Financial Aid
  • Strength of the school’s alumni network in India and SE Asia
  • Alumni presence and recruiting opportunities in locations and organizations of my interest
  • Fit with other accepted students, current students and alumni

I’ll expand on the above points further once I share my decision. Meanwhile, for those who are still deciding – Stacy Blackman has recently published an article on USNews about the factors to evaluate while choosing between business schools. [Caveat: This is not just a shameless plug-in since I was quoted in the article – it is genuinely a good read.]

While I’m keeping my cards close, it isn’t any less exciting for me to hear what TopDogMBA, NaijaMBAgal, Hugoness and FinanceFurry  have decided. I’m looking forward to seeing where we all end up, and I really hope we will all get a chance to meet up before joining business school.

For the others who still have their fingers crossed with R2 applications – I genuinely hope y’all hear some good news soon! 🙂

My Interview with

It got published a few days ago, but I hadn’t gotten around to checking it out until today.

Take a look and let me know what you think! 🙂

An Indian MBA Applicant Story: Accepted to Top 3 Choices with $$$

And then there was one.

UCLA Anderson was the only other school I was waiting to hear from, and I really wanted to know if I got in before making a decision on where to attend school. I got the call last night- I’M IN!

They were very generous with a scholarship as well! I haven’t received the official update via email yet, so I’ll wait for that before I post anything out here.

But it’s time for me to CELEBRATE!! 😀 😀