Decisions, Decisions


It’s been a while since I’ve received offers of admission to the 3 schools that I applied to. I’ve had a lot of time to consider which school I want to attend this year, and it was really tough choosing between schools that I was excited about while applying. But it’s a good place to be in and after a lot of thought (and a lot of “What if”s and back-and-forth) I’ve finally made my decision. But I don’t think I’m ready to share it with the world yet.

These are some things I considered while making my decision:

  • Brand Value of the school
  • Kellogg’s MMM program vs regular MBA
  • Scholarship money & Financial Aid
  • Strength of the school’s alumni network in India and SE Asia
  • Alumni presence and recruiting opportunities in locations and organizations of my interest
  • Fit with other accepted students, current students and alumni

I’ll expand on the above points further once I share my decision. Meanwhile, for those who are still deciding – Stacy Blackman has recently published an article on USNews about the factors to evaluate while choosing between business schools. [Caveat: This is not just a shameless plug-in since I was quoted in the article – it is genuinely a good read.]

While I’m keeping my cards close, it isn’t any less exciting for me to hear what TopDogMBA, NaijaMBAgal, Hugoness and FinanceFurry  have decided. I’m looking forward to seeing where we all end up, and I really hope we will all get a chance to meet up before joining business school.

For the others who still have their fingers crossed with R2 applications – I genuinely hope y’all hear some good news soon! 🙂


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