Tepper School of Business – Interview Debrief

Aloha, amigos! And congratulations to all those people who got interview invites from Tepper! A few people wrote to me asking about my interview experience with Tepper, so I thought I should do a short debrief here.

I scheduled my Skype interview online with the Tepper adcom – MJ Wrobleski. The interview started just a few minutes late. I was freaking out when I did not get a Skype invite on the dot, so I searched for my interviewer on Skype and added her to my contact list and sent her a reminder that we have an interview scheduled. DUH.
For those with invites, I’d recommend you wait if your interview has not yet started. It could be that the previous interview ran long or the adcom might be busy with something else for a few minutes. Unless it’s WAY past interview time (15 minutes past), and you have still not received word from the adcom, you can then reach out. But otherwise, I’d say give them the benefit of doubt and keep calm. 🙂

Anyway, my interviewer was chirpy and friendly and I was at ease a few minutes into the interview. The questions I got asked were fairly standard, so you should have no surprises as long as you are prepared with the standard list of interview questions.

These are the questions that I got asked:

What are your career goals?

Why MBA?

Talk about a time you had to take an unpopular decision at work. How did it affect you and your team?

Talk about a time you motivated your team to work towards a common goal.

Talk about a time you didn’t have the skills required to do a particular job so you had to ask for help.
[I took about 30 seconds or so to think about an answer to this question, as I wasn’t prepared for this.]

Talk about a time you had to work with someone you had cultural differences with. How did you resolve these

Talk about a time you had a disagreement at work (maybe you gave an idea that was not implemented) and you had to compromise.

Why Tepper?

That was pretty much it. Overall it took just about 20 minutes to answer all the above questions.

Then we had about 5 minutes for Q&A where I asked:

  • Are there any facts you feel like prospective applicants should know about Tepper but don’t?
  • What’s it like living in Pittsburg?
  • Here are additional R1 interview experiences from candidates:









    (Courtesy: AnkurGupta03)

    These links and questions were useful when I was preparing for my interview. If you have a Tepper interview coming up, I’d suggest you prepare yourself for all the questions that were asked to other applicants.

    Good luck for your interview! 🙂


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