UCLA Anderson Application – In for R1

I was so caught up in my excitement over the Kellogg interview invite that I forgot to do an update on my Anderson app. I managed to submit the application for R1 just in the nick of time (a few hours before the deadline). Hmm, I see a trend emerging here. Note to self: Work on submitting applications atleast a few days before the deadline. I know that’s not much better, but oh well. 😀

The great thing about Anderson is that the more I read up about the school and talk to current students, the more I fall in love with it! It’s such a great school, and of course – location! Of the 3 schools I’ve applied to so far in R1, UCLA Anderson is the app I’m most happy with. I’ve met a lot of people who questioned if Anderson could really “get to know the applicant” with just one question, but I think the 750-word limit really allowed me to tell my story in a way that made sense (hopefully!). With Anderson complete, I’m done with all my R1 applications.

Just last week, after submitting my app, I spoke to 2 more current students from Anderson. I feel like I’d really get along well with the UCLA bunch. I’m super excited and I really hope I get an interview invite from them. I did get a mail from the adcom saying that my application is being considered for R1 and that they expect to send out the bulk of their interview invites in mid-December, so I guess all I have to do is wait.

Meanwhile, I was really considering applying to Tuck (Nov. 5th) or Stern (Nov 15th) – but work has been crazy, and I wanted to spend some time preparing for the Kellogg interview (also I really needed a break!). Kellogg on Nov. 7th will be my very first business school interview – EVER. So I’m a little nervous! I’ll do a separate post on my prep for the interview process. Good luck to everyone – some who are preparing for interviews, some who are dealing with dings (you are all such awesome people! Stay strong) and others who are yet to tackle the GMAT. I’m sure you’ll all do great – and I love reading about all your experiences. Keep sharing!


9 thoughts on “UCLA Anderson Application – In for R1

  1. Whoops! Saw this post a little too late. But yay for Anderson! I’m starting to get excited about applying here, especially since a lot of people on the blogosphere are so pumped about this school. I totally get what you mean by the deadlines, so stressful. But the moment you hit submit is such a relief!

    All the best for your Kellogg interview! I’m sure you’re going to do great. I’ll have my fingers crossed for you 🙂


    • Yeah, you should definitely apply – It’s a great school! 🙂 I find it hard to believe that after what seems like months of hard work, I’ve only applied to 3 schools! I’m SO ready to be done with the application process already – I really hope I get in somewhere in R1 so that I can de-stress.

      Thanks for the good wishes, I’ll do an interview debrief once I’m done.


    • Sure, will do! 🙂 I’m SO looking forward to reading about your experiences with apps and essays (after you kill the GMAT, of course!). Hope you manage to get some sleep soon. 😀


  2. UCLA has been number 1 on my list for the past 2 years! No matter how many schools I add / eliminate, UCLA never moves – which says a lot about how much I really really want to be there! IF I can crack a 700 in GMAT, I would absolutely be applying in R2! *fingers crossed* Good luck! I’m sure you’ll get a call for interview! 🙂
    Also, good luck for the Kellogg interview! I see only few days to go! All prepared?

    Both Kellogg & UCLA are excellent programs and it doesn’t matter which you choose, you’ll obviously succeed! 🙂

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    • Yes, I did use an admissions consultant for Kellogg since that was my first school. But I was underwhelmed with the help and inputs I got. After doing Tepper and UCLA on my own, and in retrospect, I feel like there are a lot of aspects about my Kellogg app that I would change if given the chance. I guess its true what they say, never apply let your dream school be your first app – you’re bound to be unhappy with it as you learn from your experiences. Anyway, I am planning to traverse the rest of the MBA apps on my own. How about you?


      • I did too for Yale and Duke, but I’m not sure how effective they were because I didn’t receive an invite from Yale… and I wasn’t too convinced by my essays myself. Duke was me all over the page, but again I don’t know if that was because I had the consultant’s help or it was because I really had a connection with the school.

        Your experience sounds similar to mine, but hey, you got an interview from Kellogg as well. I definitely agree though, the first app should never be your dream school!

        So, I’m still kind of antsy about not using a consultant at all for the rest of my apps because I don’t have many people in my circle that have gotten their MBAs. I was just trying to shop around and see if anyone of you guys had an amaaaazing experience with a consultant so that I could evaluate 😀

        Would you mind telling me the firm you worked with? Shoot me a mail at pullingthatmbatrigger@gmail.com if you’re uncomfortable sharing that information here! Thanks 🙂


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