Interview Invite from Tepper

Well, that was quick!

While I’d reeeaaally like to think they were SO blown away by my super awesome application that they just couldn’t wait to interview me 😛 , I really have no idea how I’ve gotten an invite this quick. Less than 48 hours after hitting submit on my Tepper app, I had an interview invite in my inbox! Don’t get me wrong, I’m pretty chuffed that they invited me for an interview, but I’m not sure any adcom would have had enough time to even look at my application!

I thought it could be that my 760 GMAT score automatically put me in the interview list (I got an application fee waiver as well – yay!); but I also know of an Indian applicant with a GMAT 650 being invited for an interview.

If anyone in the blogosphere can throw some light on this, do leave a comment and let me know. I’d love to know the rationale behind these superfast interview invites. I had to book my own interview slot. Unfortunately, by the time I visited the portal, there were only 7-8 slots left, so I scheduled my Tepper Skype interview for Nov. 21st. There’s still plenty of time left for the interview, so I’m not stressing out about it. It’s a great feeling to get an interview invite – it gives me an opportunity to show the adcom a glimpse of my winning personality. 😀 In all seriousness, it just feels good that the school wants to get to know you better, and that all the time you spend crafting your application did not go to waste.

I’m still waiting to hear from Kellogg. Here’s wishing luck to the rest of y’all who applied to schools in R1. Let me know if you guys have heard from any of your schools yet. Cheers!


One thought on “Interview Invite from Tepper

  1. Oh man! No wonder I’ve never seen your MBA blog. I always kept going to your personal blog instead! I just read all your posts and first of all, that is an insane GMAT score especially on the first attempt. You must be a genius! Secondly, congratulations on the Tepper invite. I have no idea how they managed to extend an invite so early (perhaps they have a lot of speed readers in the admissions committee?) but I’m super happy for you regardless. Hope it goes well!


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