Imagine my surprise….

….when the Tepper adcom sent me an email a week ago extending the R1 deadline to 12-Oct. I was ecstatic. I really, really wanted to apply to Tepper in R1, but I was unhappy with my essays by the time 5-Oct rolled around, so decided to pass. But an extension? Woooo-hooo!

Fast forward 7 days later, it’s 3AM here in Bangalore, India. And I have just hit Submit for my Tepper app. 6 hours before the deadline. I have been suffering with a terrible cold and nasty cough all day and in an almost coma-inducing vegetative state but I stubbornly kept working and have managed to finish and submit just in time. I should be tired, I should be sleepy; but I’m weirdly “in the zone” right now. Bring on the next app, I say!

Scrappy Doo - Lemme at em

PS: Tepper waived my application fee. 😀 Wheeee! I love Tepper even more now. 😉


One thought on “Imagine my surprise….

  1. Hi Vandana,

    Love the way you write! Keep it up! 🙂

    As a prospective applicant this year, I can complete “feel” what you went through. You have a remarkable skill in putting it on paper. Kudos. Each article has a simple but very heartfelt feel to it that is very refreshing!


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