Kellogg – DONE!

I wish I could say I nailed it, but I’m a little underwhelmed by my answers to the written essay prompts and I know that I fumbled on my Video essays. I was SO in love with the Kellogg MMM program, but I’m not hopeful about my chances right now. *sigh* I do hope I’m called to interview so that I can show the Kellogg adcom I’m not a bumbling idiot and am capable of forming coherent thoughts and articulating them. Oh well. We’ll just have to wait and watch.

I was really nervous for my video essay! I actually spent 2-3 days prepping for the video essay – I found as many last year’s questions as I could and wrote a few bullet points for what I would say to each question. I was feeling pretty good until I clicked through to start the real video essay process and heard my first question (What is the best advice you’ve ever gotten?) – I just panicked and my brain froze for a few seconds.I remembered what instance I wanted to talk about, but thought “Kellogg couldn’t possibly want to hear me talk about something so trivial” and I ended up stammering a little when the timer and recording started. The second question was “What do you anticipate will be your contribution to the Kellogg community?” I hadn’t really thought of this before – I ended up having too much to say, though I’m sure I must have sounded lovestruck when talking about how I can contribute to a few clubs on campus. All in all, I wasn’t feeling too good by the end of the 3 minutes it took to complete the video essay section.

I’ll do a follow up post with all the past and present Kellogg video essay questions that I know of, as well as some potential questions you should prepare for. I hope it helps a few people who are planning to turn in their R2 apps.

Next on the list are Tepper and Ross. I was really hoping to turn in both applications for R1, but I’m not sure I can get Ross done on time. I’m putting the final touches on my Tepper essays, but it’s festive season and I’m out of town right now celebrating Dusshera, a popular Indian festival during which we all enjoy setting fire to the effigy of a 10-headed guy. Here’s a glimpse of what’s going to happen:


And on that note, I’m signing off to resume working on my Tepper app. Good luck to all those still working on their R1 applications!


One thought on “Kellogg – DONE!

  1. I bet your application was amazing!! Keep your head up and congrats for making it this far. Now that you’ve done it once, Ross and Tepper should be a breeze!

    Looking forward to hearing the good news on an interview invite 🙂


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