TOEFL results are out!

I must admit I was a tiny bit relieved after seeing the final result. I got 114/120.

Reading – 29/30

Writing – 29/30

Listening – 29/30

Speaking – 27/30

Not many of my target schools were looking for TOEFL, but it was mandatory for all international applicants to Haas, so I went ahead and wrote it anyway. One more box checked.

Work has been so hectic lately that all my applications-related work is at an absolute standstill. I’ve vowed to make some definite progress this week on all my essays and also check with my recommenders about how my recommendations are progressing. It’s going to be a crazy few weeks.

Good luck to all the other applicants targeting R1!


7 thoughts on “TOEFL results are out!

    • Thank you! And thanks also for being my very first follower! 😀 Good luck to you too for navigating this crazy world of MBA apps. Loved your blog BTW and am looking forward to reading more of your experiences. 🙂


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